Shop Steward Elections – January 2018

Nominations for Shop Stewards are now open. The deadline for nominations to be returned to the Union Hall is Friday, December 29, 2017.

Any Member in Good Standing is entitled to run for the position of Shop Steward. Nominators must also be Members in Good Standing.

Stewards who were elected in January 2016 need to run for re-election as their two year term is coming to an end.

Stewards who were elected in the January 2017 plant gate election do not have to run in this election because they are only one year into their two year term. The list of stewards that were elected in the January 2017 plant gate election are on the back of this bulletin.

Any Stewards who were appointed by the Local Executive Committee since the last plant gate election must also run for election this January in order to maintain their position.

Elections will take place in every installation during the plant gate elections to be held in January 2018. The Balloting Committee will issue a bulletin with the balloting schedule in the near future.

Nomination and acceptance forms can be downloaded HERE. These may be faxed to this office at 604-685-4931 if you choose.

In Solidarity,
Heather Andrew