PEL 5-day Education Seminar – Fighting Back/Media Training – February 4 to 9, 2018

The Pacific Region is pleased to announce that the next 5-day Education Seminar will be held in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. from February 4 to 9, 2018. This is a Paid Education Leave (PEL) course which will be held in conjunction with the CLC Winter School, we are limited to twenty (20) participants.

Fighting Back: A Primer in Local Postal Worker Power & Media Training

This course is about building alliances in the community, labour movement and workplace. It will increase participants’ awareness of their power and explore how to forge community/labour movement/workplace alliances. Members learn the roles they can play to strengthen their individual parts, and as a whole.

In the Media Training component, participants enhance their understanding of media, and learn how to create and deliver a clear, effective message. They also look at the use of social and community media. A CUPW media specialist delivers some of this course and assists with media role-plays.

Note: This course is recommended for local executive members who interact with the media, or members who may do so in the future. Locals who did not have participants attend the previous course will be given priority.

This course is offered under the PEL provision of our collective agreement, all costs including loss of wages, transportation and catered meals will be paid by the National Union. As bus transportation will be supplied, those choosing to take their personal vehicle will not be compensated for mileage or parking and bus fare will be provided to the Vancouver Bus Depot only.

Interested members should be made aware that all sessions of the courses offered are mandatory and that there will be some evening sessions. All participants are to inform the Regional Educational and Organizing Officer (REOO) Tom Jackson of any medical conditions that must be considered. Please note that this is a fragrance-free event.

The Vancouver local’s deadline for registration is 12:00 Noon, on December 14, 2017.  Please ensure your applications are received in to the Vancouver local by that date, as any application received after the deadline or applications sent directly to Regional Office will not be considered. All applications must be approved by the Vancouver Local Executive and the registration form must be signed by the Vancouver Local President or designate.

Download an application form HERE

In Solidarity,

Nathan Fralick
Vancouver local of CUPW