BY-ELECTION Secretary Treasurer

Following the resignation of Heather Andrews, the above position is now open for election. (The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer are listed below.)

Candidates must be a member in good standing and must have attended at least three (3) General Membership Meetings in the twelve (12) months prior to and inclusive of the close of nominations as per Article 9.1 D of our by-laws.

Interim election procedures apply. Nominations in writing, with written acceptance, may be sent to the Union Hall prior to the November GMM. Nominations may also be made and accepted at the Sunday, November 26, 2017, GMM.

The election will be held:

Sunday, November 26, 2017, at 1:00 p.m.
Maritime Labour Centre

This election will take place as part of the normal order of business during the November Membership Meeting as per Article 9.7 A of our by-laws, and will cover till the annual election in January 2018.  Please note that you must be a member in good standing to vote.

In Solidarity,
Heather Andrews


Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer

6.4 The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

6.4 A Be an elected Full-Time Officer and voting member of the Executive Committee.

6.4 B Be responsible for all official documents of the Local.

6.4 C Be responsible to sufficiently train the Organization Director/Tyler to enable this officer to act as the designated replacement.

6.4 D Be responsible for all the Local’s correspondence and shall convey it to the Executive Committee and the General Membership Meetings.

6.4 E Prepare notices of all General Membership Meetings and Special meetings and arrange to distribute and post such notices at least (10) ten days prior to such meetings.

6.4 F Be entrusted with the funds of the Local, approve all cheques to be signed for expenses authorized under the National Constitution, or by resolutions passed at meetings, deposit immediately all monies she/he receives on behalf of the Local and sign cheques along with the President, or in her/his absence, the First Vice-President or the Second Vice-President.

6.4 G Be responsible for bookkeeping records of the Local and keep them ready for submission to the Local’s Trustees.

6.4 H Prepare a financial statement annually and present such statement at the Annual General Meeting of the Local. Copies of such statement shall be distributed to all members present at these meetings.

6.4 I Not issue any cheques in payment of any account not provided for in the budget or authorized by the By-laws or the National Constitution, unless approved by the majority of the Executive Committee. Such payment shall be subject to ratification at the next General Meeting of the membership of the Local.

6.4 J Not pay any money without a bill or signed voucher.

6.4 K Present a report on the state of the Local’s finances to General Membership Meetings.

6.4 L Submit, every two months, a financial report to her/his National Director, showing the credit balance at the beginning of the period, and the general fund credit balance at the end of the period.

6.4 M Be responsible for submitting the Local’s financial report to the National and Regional Offices, as per the requirements of the National Constitution.

6.4 N Ensure that an up-to-date mailing list of the membership is maintained.

6.4 O Establish and maintain an efficient system for the secretariat and treasury.

6.4 P Establish and maintain an efficient system for the membership control and monitor the check-off.

6.4 Q Be responsible for per capita tax on all members in good standing, including those members not on check-off who pay dues locally.