By-Election Results – Secretary Treasurer – November 26, 2017

Elected at the November 26, 2017, GMM was:

Secretary Treasurer Nathan Fralick

At the November 26, 2017, GMM there was a by-election to cover the remainder of the term for the position of  Secretary-Treasurer. Congratulations to Brother Nathan Fralick who was acclaimed to the position. Our appreciation to all of those who took the time to attend the meeting.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Savage

Regional Conference Alternate Delegate election results

Regional Conference Alternate Delegates(10)

  1. Mary Ann Dominato
  2. Maria Jackman
  3. Lisa Quattrocchi
  4. Larry Hildebrand
  5. Gerard Whitty
  6. ***
  7. ***
  8. Justina Oracion
  9. Helen Escuriaga
  10. Melanie Cuenca

*** A run off will be held at the next GMM to determine the ranking for sixth and seventh spot between Rodrick Prasad and Parmjit Singh.

Thank you to everyone that put their name forward.