On June 26, 2017, a Vancouver Letter Carrier found herself confronted by Capilano Delivery Centre superintendent Gabriel Delucrezia regarding the previous day of work. On that day the employee had elected to work through their breaks in order to make a Doctor’s appointment. Delucrezia challenged the carrier’s decision openly on the work floor in the presence of other employees. Feeling ill following   Delucrezia’s actions she stated she would use a personal day and would be going home. The employee was led to believe that there would be consequences should she leave the depot, as Delucrezia aggressively stated “No, it’s leave without pay!”

The incident sparked the intervention of a Shop Steward who was approached by Delucrezia the following morning to complain about the carrier, in what could only be viewed as an attempt to besmirch the character of the carrier in advance of the steward speaking with them. A formal complaint in writing was provided to Canada Post for an investigation into workplace bullying and intimidation at the hands of Delucrezia.

In most organizations, this type of conduct would be prohibited but Canada Post exists in a parallel universe, where common sense is often rejected and statutory and contractual rights are viewed as mere inconveniences. When approached by Union representatives for an explanation, Canada Post Manager Raymond Yee lived up to expectations by refusing to reassign the offending superintendent. Interestingly enough, several management representatives who later spoke with Union officials on the condition of  Delucrezia’s behaviour stated that they would not want their own family members subjected to such treatment.

A subsequent meeting with Yee failed to resolve the issue. Delucrezia who is infamously known for engaging in unprofessional conduct that appears to follow him where ever he goes, refused to apologise to the Carrier despite Canada Post’s own acknowledgement of mistreatment. In fact, Delucrezia attempted to lure the carrier into a private one-on-one discussion to discuss the matter following the investigation.  When an employee is subjected to workplace bullying and is requested by Canada Post to discuss the matter formally, it is required by both the Collective Agreement and the Canada Labour Code to include a Union representative in the investigation of the incident. Despite its legal obligations, Canada Post often deliberately excludes Union representatives from investigations, which then allows supervisors/superintendents to isolate employees. Once isolated, employees can be more easily coerced into forgoing their rights.

Canada Post Code of Conduct

Employees have a fundamental right to be treated with respect while in the workplace. Although not isolated, Canada Post’s actions in this incident strayed outside the bounds of ethical behaviour. The Corporate Vision, Values, and Leadership Behaviors stipulate the following for all employees:

Our Values

  • Transformation – We will innovate and transform to win in the marketplace
  • Customer – We serve Canadians with pride and passion
  • Integrity – We act responsibly and with integrity
  • Respect – We treat each other with fairness and respect
  • Safety – We are committed to a safe and healthy environment for all our stakeholders

Our Leadership Behaviours

  • Decision Making
  • Accountability
  • Business Acumen
  • Leading People
  • Execution

Delucrezia as a person in a position of leadership has failed the above components. It is worth noting, that several additional complaints have surfaced since this incident and we suspect there may be others who may have not come forward for fear of retribution. We urge those who may have experienced or witnessed this sort of behaviour to come forward and report these deplorable acts and hold those responsible accountable.

When confronted by management who are prepared to act in unethical fashion by bullying and intimidating people, just say NO! And contact your Union representative immediately.

In Solidarity,

Chris Zukowsky
1st Vice-President