CANADA POST CENSORSHIP Protecting you from reality

 On December 21, 2017 members of the CUPW Vancouver Local Executive visited the Capilano Delivery Centre (CDC) to distribute an information bulletin. The bulletin in question, titled: WORK PLACE BULLYING AT THE CAPILANO DELIVERY CENTRE arose from a complaint of bullying and inappropriate behavior towards a female letter carrier at the hands of superintendent Gabriel Delucrezia. In usual fashion, Canada Post repeatedly elected to take zero accountability and refused to properly address the complaint which came forward in June of 2017.

Following the visit to the Capilano Delivery Centre, the Union was contacted by Canada Post.

Raymond Yee, a Man of Contradictions!

During a telephone discussion with Union representatives on December 22nd, CDC manager Raymond Yee announced that he would be removing the bulletin from the Union bulletin board as he felt it was inappropriate. The Union insisted on the factuality of the bulletin and when pressed further, Yee expressed: “there was a better way to deal with this matter”. Yee went further to add: “I am not stopping you from circulating material to your members, we just can’t have this sort of thing displayed on the Union board”. Contrary to the above, Yee changed his tune in an email to select Union representatives on Christmas Eve, which stated: “Further to our discussion on Friday and in regards to your intention to recirculate the Bulletin, I want to inform you that I cannot grant permission to the Union (excluding our normal staff) to enter Capilano Depot at this time.”

Paving the Road to Subversion

Yee’s attempts to prevent CUPW representatives from entering a facility is a violation of Article 3 of the Collective Agreement and Section 94 of the Canada Labour Code. Yee’s threat interferes with the substantive and legislative rights of Canada Post employees and Union representatives. Yee is attempting to create a controlled environment to allow Canada Post to make improper representations or shelter those who engage in inappropriate behaviours, without being questioned or challenged. Under normal conditions, Yee and Delucrezia would not be able to hide within the walls of CDC or avoid answering questions regarding their decisions or behaviors.

Shrouded in Shame

Rather than taking accountability for the poor behaviours of his staff (specifically Delucrezia) it appears as though Yee is attempting to implement the ideological philosophies outlined in George Orwell’s book 1984. Unfortunately for Yee and Delucrezia, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees everyone the Freedom of Association and the Freedom of Speech. Do these rights and freedoms exist at Canada’s largest Crown Corporation, or is Canada Post an importer of third-world labour standards?

In keeping with its practice of protecting the rights of its members and ensuring everyone can work in an environment free of bullying and intimidation, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers will continue to fight against corporate schemes and those who seek to infringe upon our rights and freedoms.

In Solidarity,

Chris Zukowsky
1st Vice President