APOC vs. CUPW – Round One

On January 3, 2018, Union Representatives from the Pacific Regional Office and the Vancouver Local visited the Capilano Delivery Centre after Local Area Manager, Ray Yee, sent an email threatening to ban the Union from the installation.

This threat resulted after the Vancouver Local distributed a bulletin regarding Canada Post’s failure to adequately respond to concerns raised by Sisters in the depot of bullying and intimidation at the hands of Superintendent Gabriel Delucrezia.  The Local had been actively attempting to resolve these members concerns for over 6 months to no avail.  All we were seeking was a simple apology.

Local Area Manager Yee refused to do anything to assist these Sisters, he has refused to even provide a timeline in which he would get back to the Union about their concerns, and he refused to continue talk about it.  When the Union arrived on Wednesday, Yee stood in front of his office making noncommittal statements and smirking.

Delucrezia, who initially ran off when he heard the Union had arrived, demanded that the Regional Grievance Officer leave the building when approached about his behavior.  When the Regional Grievance Officer refused, he grabbed his coat and left the building.

Recognizing that the Union was wasting its time with Yee, we left the depot and went across the street to have a coffee at the local Starbucks.

Upon arrival at the coffee shop, they found all of the Capilano supervisors and Delucrezia sitting at a table. The Union ordered their coffees and sat down at the only available table which was behind the Supervisors.

The CUPW representatives were minding their own business and talking about something completely unrelated, when they were confronted by APOC Pacific President Steve Gustard, who demanded to know who the “boss” was.  The National Director informed him that there was no “boss” but he could speak to him.

Gustard then threatened the Union Representatives and used profanity. He then sat down with the Capilano management team who were all in clearly marked Canada Post uniforms.

CUPW looked around at each other, wondering who this person was.  When asked his name, he responded with “1-800-F*ck off “ and then called the Regional Grievance Officer, a “piece of Sh!t.”

Steve Gustard (AKA 1-800-F*ck off)

It should come as no surprise that Delucrezia feels that he can bully and intimidate women when his Association leadership clearly demonstrates that they believe it is acceptable behavior.

On January 4, the Canada Post management team assured the Union that the Sisters would face no repercussions, however, one of the Sisters who raised issues with the way she was being treated has since been issued with a 24 hour notice of interview for an alleged workplace violation.

Apparently APOC believes that the principles set out in Canada Post’s Code of Conduct and the manual of Corporate Vision, Values, and Leadership Behaviors do not apply to them.

You have the right to a workplace free of violence, harassment and bullying.  If you are being bullied or harassed at work, or if you witness this happening to a coworker, report it to management and notify your Shop Steward.

In solidarity,

Cindy McDonnell
Regional Grievance Officer

cope 225/nv