Contract Demands Voting Times

The Urban Operations Collective Agreement expires on January 31, 2018. Before we enter into negotiations for the next collective agreement, our constitution mandates that we vote on a package of demands. This vote is taking place in our local at various venues and dates from October 12th, 2017, to October 26th, 2017. Please see below the list of the times and places that they are being held and please attend. These meetings are open to all Members in Good Standing and it is a requirement that you attend a complete meeting before voting. We need to show the Negotiators that we support them and show Canada Post that we demand improvements from the last Collective Agreement. Please come out and vote! Continue reading “Contract Demands Voting Times”

Notice of Motion – Presented September 24, 2017

A Notice of Motion was presented at the September 24, 2017, General Membership Meeting.

The motion sets to change the bylaws. The motion is to change the position of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Local from a full-time position to a part-time position. As well, the motion is also adding a part-time 3rd Vice President position and adds additional language regarding the role of the Organization Director/Tyler. Continue reading “Notice of Motion – Presented September 24, 2017”